UAS Helicopter

AgTS uses a Pulse Vapor 55TM UAS Helicopter to provide efficient and accurate surveying of large acreage parcels. Our aircraft also includes a hover capability to conduct detailed surveys of infrastructure. The aircraft can carry multiple payloads including the Riegl VUX-1 LIDAR and the OCI Hyper Spectral Camera. These platforms give us the capability to operate in a wide variety of terrain and altitudes, from sea level to 12,000ft MSL for up to one hour. A 45-minute hovering capability also allows us to conduct detailed measurements of up to 15mm; suitable for CAD input.

Hyperspectral sensor options provide accurate measurement of reflectance data in the visible to near infrared region (600 to 1000 nm), thermal imaging, and NDVI 5 band multi-specs for precision Ag. A Sony Alpha 24.3 Megapixel camera is also available for accurate image overlays.


UAS Fixed Wing Aircraft – AeroMapper 300

For Precision Agriculture and Emergency Response, AgTS uses the AeroMapper 300 UAS. This UAS can be hand or rail launched or returns safety via parachute, negating the need for runways. Flight times of up to 90-minutes can be achieved depending on mission requirements / sensor packages. Sensor options include Hyper Spectral (600 to 1000 NM), 5 band NDVI (blue, green and 3 Near IR), Thermal Imager and Sony Alpha 24.3 Megapixel cameras to provide accurate image overlays.

Mobile Operations Center (MOC):

AgTS MOC – R: Operator Control Center; L- 36 foot trailer. The MOC is capable of transporting multiple Tier I and II Unmanned systems, and is designed to operate off the grid.

The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is a self contained center for conducting any manned or unmanned operations. In addition to static GIS Operations, the MOC can receive imagery data directly from airborne assets, store them on hard drives, manipulate the imagery for optimum resolution and display them on a multitude of monitors inside and outside the trailer. The AgTS MOC has been used to provide command & control for Department of Forestry Emergency Response.

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